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  Jon Maxwell
  Founder and Principal
Jon Maxwell


Jon Maxwell has worked for the past 20 years in the green development

and home performance industries.


He currently works as an Energy Rater, teaches courses in Building

Science, and provides Quality Assurance for

the work of other Energy Raters, verifying the accuracy of their work.


Working as an Energy Rater, Jon performed over 100 ratings in the

state's HERO Program, advising homeowners how to improve their

home's energy efficiency and verifying the work of their improvement

contractors - resulting in more than $100,000 in state rebates for

his clients. 

Jon provides energy modeling to architects and home designers to improve

the energy efficiency of their homes during the design phase.  He partners

with builders to advise them on best practices, provide them quality control on

the work of their subs, certify new homes as ENERGY STAR and Enterprise Green Communities compliant, and qualify homes for Energy Efficient Home federal tax credits.


Homeowners work with him to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality of their existing homes. They benefit from advice on improvements that make economic sense and from recommendations of contractors who produce excellent work

at a fair price.


Before becoming an Energy Rater, Jon worked on a design and development team for green townhouses in Western North Carolina. He also developed a 52 acre green subdivision on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Prior to green development and home performance work, Jon ...

* Co-founded an organization development consulting and training company, spending 14 years improving the performance of                    Manager and Executive-level teams of multi-national corporations.

* Co-owned the largest independent lubricating oil/chemical packaging company in the U.S. and managed the New Orleans plants.

* Co-founded and managed the Whole Food Company in New Orleans, later sold to Whole Foods Market, their first acquisition                  outside of Texas.


Working with Energy Efficiency NOW, Jon particularly enjoys helping people improve their homes and assisting architects discover novel ways to improve home performance without adding to the cost of the homes they design.  A particular joy for him is investigating attics, the "soul of a house."

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