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Architects and Home Designers, Builders and General Contractors can design and build homes far above the quality level of their competitors in energy efficiency, durability, comfort and safety. 


Such homes do not necessarily cost more; in fact, they can cost less than conventional homes.  The energy efficiency impact of various choices can be predicted in advance with energy modeling, so money is not wasted on installing features that have minimal impact.  


Companies that wish to gain a reputation as "green" designers and builders cannot really do it without scientific verification that their homes actually are energy efficient. 




The only scientifically valid indicator of "greenness" is the HERS Index score, which is standardized across the entire United States, recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Mortgage Industry, and included on a growing number of regional real estate Multi-Listing Services.






1. HERS Rating from Plans

  • A computer model of the home is created from plans.

  • Energy efficiency is quantified with a HERS Score.

2. Consultation

We meet with you to ...

  • Convey results of energy modeling

  • Recommend improvements.

  • Test the impact of these improvements in the energy model.

  • Provide on-going assistance throughout the design process.


3. Meeting

We meet with the general contractor and key subs to communicate energy efficiency specifications and construction processes that vary from standard methods.

4. Inspections and Testing

There are several stages in construction when observation and testing are done.  Verification of work quality includes ...

  • Framing Inspection to assure advanced framing is correct.

  • Pre-drywall Insulation Inspection to verify that installed insulation meets specified R-value and achieves Grade I installation standards.

  • Final Inspection, when the home is near completion​,to  inspect and test to ...

      -  Ensure specified equipment has been installed and operates            properly.

      - Verify HVAC systems meet design specifications.

      - Complete a HERS Rating on the home as-built to arrive at

         final HERS score.

"Jon has been an invaluable resource throughout the design/build process.  He is quick to respond to questions and always has several options in mind when troubleshooting a project.  Jon sat down with me and modeled some houses, modifying one construction feature at a time to show the actual benefit of each product and method we were considering, which not only helped us get the best bang for our buck but increased my overall understanding of building science greatly."


Director of Construction

Habitat for Humanity

St. Tammy Parish




  • Create truly (quantifiably) energy efficient homes and gain a reputation as a green designer or builder.

  • Make design and construction' recommendations backed by the science of energy modeling.

  • Quality control subs with third-party inspection and testing.

  • Monitor the quality of HVAC crews with performance testing.



"I own an Air Conditioning company and I work with a lot of Energy Raters. Jon is by far the most thorough.  He is very meticulous and pays attention not only to detail, but all aspects of the rating. He gives the homeowner excellent recommendations on how to reduce their energy usage.  He has very high personal integrity and work ethic.  He even came out to my house on a Sunday one day before a deadline to do a rating which took about 5 hours. I recommend him to all of my customers."

 Dennis D.  -  HVAC Contractor

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