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Combustion Safety Testing reveals gas leaks, appliances that generate excessive carbon monoxide, and the potential for dangerous combustion gases to spill back into your home rather than going up and out of your flue pipes.  All three of the above conditions are quite bad for your longevity, health, and IQ level.



These tests ensure your family's safety if you have gas-burning appliances:   


  • Worst Case Depressurization Test

         This test determines if it is possible for your house to experience enough negative pressure to cause              combustion byproducts to spill back into your home, instead of going up and out of the flue.

  • Gas Leakage Test

         All accessible gas lines are tested for leaks.

  • Appliance testing

         All gas-burning appliances are tested for proper draft to assure combustion gases are going out of                  the house.  Do you have a gas-burning heater that does not vent to outdoors ?  Bad idea.

  • Combustion Gas Analysis

         Gas-burning appliances (stoves, ovens, water heaters, furnaces) are tested to measure burning                    efficiency and the amount of carbon monoxide produced by combustion.

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