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An Energy Audit assesses the energy efficiency of your home, uncovers sources of energy waste, and recommends simple whole-house efficiency improvements.  It reveals where improvements can be made to reduce energy consumption.




A thorough inspection of attic and air-conditioned space for ways to improve ...

  • Insulation - to reduce conductive heat gain

  • Air Sealing - to reduce convective heat gain

  • Radiant Heat Protection - to reduce radiant heat gain

  • Mosture Protection - to prevent condensation and potential for mold

  • Water Heating Efficiency

  • Lighting Efficiency


State-of-the-art building test equipment measures ...

  • Air conditioning/heating system leakage to see if sealing is needed (Duct Blaster Test)

  • Temperature and humidity to assess HVAC system performance

  • Locations and quantity of whole-house air leakage (Blower Door Test)


At the end of the audit, we meet with you to...

  • Impart the basics science of heat transfer, so that you completely understand the audit analysis and recommendations 

  • Discuss recommendations, viewing photos of locations in your attic and house where improvements can be made

  • ​A written report summarizes salient points.

Home Energy Rating (HERS) Certificate


  • Uncover conditions that are wasting energy.

  • Quantify leakage in your air conditioning/heating system, so it can be sealed, if necessary.

  • Measure the quantity and find the sources of whole-house air leakage.

  • Get specfic steps to improve energy efficiency.

  • Save money every month on utility bills and get longer equipment life.     

"Jon, your work was outstanding and the process was extremely professional and was conducted with the upmost concern for my convenience.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needs to have an energy efficiency examination of their home or business.  My utility bills have been cut in half utilizing your recommendations." 

     William R. - Homeowner

"Jon, your expertise, professionalism, and patience ultimately produced the results I wanted from my recently [foam insulation] sprayed attic.  I am asked on a regular basis how the system is working.  I can say that my monthly reduction in energy usage is about $160.00.  Before the attic was sprayed, my monthly bill was approximately $250.00 each month, after the process it is about $90.00.  We keep the temperature at 73 degrees in the summer.  The MOST important part of the process was the blower door testing you did before and after the insulation job.  Without your expertise and knowledge, the results could have been catastrophic, as the attic would have allowed in too much outside air.  The advice I offer to all who have an interest is, first do it. Second, have Energy Efficiency NOW provide

the blower door testing.  I am amazed at the results. Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you."

     Larry C.  -  Building Contractor

and Homeowner

"Jon, it was MY pleasure to have had you in my corner. You were quite meticulous, and certainly went "above and beyond" for me. The end result is amazing! Thanks for your relentless efforts!"

     Doug W.  -  Homeowner

"A friend recommended Jon to us, and she did us a big favor!  Jon steered us through the whole HERO process, helping us achieve a big improvement in our home's energy efficiency.  He was our advocate with our HVAC contractor, working closely with him to set a high standard for the system's efficiency.  Jon was very thorough and professional.  It was obvious that he knew his stuff and had the tools to do the job right. He was definitely interested not just in our HERO rating, but in helping us save money "forever" by cost-effective improvements to our house."


     Monty P.  -  Homeowner

"We knew something was wrong

with our A/C because some of the 

rooms wouldn't get cold even if the

A/C ran continuously.  The guys

from Energy Efficiency NOW

diagnosed what was wrong with our

system  (previous A/C people didn't 

have a clue).  Then they

recommended a really quality A/C

contractor who came, confirmed

Jon's diagnosis and fixed the

problem.  All our rooms are

comfortable and our electric bill is


                  Robert H.  -  Homeowner

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